Do you want to swim faster than an Olympic swimmer?

Mermaid Michaela fitness Monofinning

Does this question strike you as surprising? Is it even possible? Well, yes, it is! By wearing a monofin or a MERMAID FIN, which essentially mimics the way dolphins swim!


We all agree that dolphins move through the water gracefully, with ease and elegance. Not surprisingly, they’re also super fast and super efficient. We also strive to be fast in the water by trying to perfect our swimming technique. But even that does not guarantee the best possible results. The reality is that even elite swimmers, are only 50% as efficient as they could be! How is this possible? Read on...

Finswimming is a competitive sport, where swimmers shoot through the water like a bullet wearing a monofin. The main appeal of this sport is the speed that a swimmer can reach. To put things into perspective, the current World Record for the men’s 50m freestyle in competitive swimming is 20.91 sec, in finswimming (wearing a monofin) is 13.85 seconds. This is a 50% increase in speed over traditional, competitive swimming! So, this means that even an average monofinner could swim faster than an elite swimmer!

What is the connection between mermaiding and finswimming? Well, mermaiding is the softer, non-competitive version of finswimming. In mermaiding we use the same techniques as fin swimmers, but we’re free to move in the water, free to explore the liquid space as we please, not necessarily striving to be the fastest but the MOST ELEGANT that we can be. In mermaiding we get all the benefits of finswimming and swimming minus the strenuous repetitions and stress of a competition!

So, my friends, find yourself a good quality monofin or a MERMAID FIN and hit the water. Check out our schedule for Mermaid Fitness classes, which we run frequently in Sydney and in Wollongong. Be prepared for a challenging and fun hour of mermaiding.

Mermaiding just might just be the answer for you to get your hair wet - not because you have to but because you want to.